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We are a team of well experienced professional engineers supported by equally competent, if not more by HR, Marketing & expert Consultants in the field as our Associates in Bangalore, Pune  & Mumbai.


Shri S.D.Narain, Director

Mr.S.D.Narain, Expert unmatched in his field of Civil Engineering encompassing all the activities of Plumbing, Water Supply, STP, ETP, Microwave Towers, all civil related works, PEB  ( Pre Engineering  Building) and much more. He is a Graduate in Engineering having done B.Sc. Civil Engineering from MIT, Muzafferpur. He also has a good quality experience in various turn key construction projects and has more than three decade of experience in private as well as Govt. Undertaking. He has worked for Bokaro Steel Plant, Kudremukh Iron Ore Project, Vishkha patam Steel project, National Aluminum Co Limited, and Indian Telephone Industries Limited. He has worked in almost all part of India including North East and Srinagar. He has also worked in LIBYA (abroad)   for three years on Govt Deputation. Before retirement from ITI , he was mostly looking after the Army projects. After retirement he has worked with reputed private Limited construction companies.

Mr.Surinder Gera, a graduate engineer having done B.E. in Electrical Engineering from an REC ,Surat ( Gujarat University )now called NIT ).He is now a technocrat of the highest order and has experience of over three decades in Govt.Undertakings ( HAL, Kanpur Division, ITI Limited ( formerly known as Indian Telephone Industries Limited ),Naini ( Allahabad ) and Bangalore during different periods of time till July 2002.His major field of activities & practical experience has been in Plant Engineering, Major and minor Services ‘ projects for new factory buildings as well as Modifications/Additions & Alterations of the existing systems & maintenance ( Preventive, Predictive & Corrective ).Added to this is another 10 years of rich MEP ( Building Services ) experience with reputed PMCs, Project Consultants for NHAI, Builders & Contracting Agencies etc.Mr.Surinder Gera is Fellow Member of the following professional bodies of National importance

FIE ( India )

Fellow Member ( ISLE )

Fellow Member ( ELCA )

Fellow Member ( ISHRAE )  

Last but not the least, Mr.Surinder Gera has done extensive work in Energy Conservation and practically well conversant with all aspects/methods application of the same.He has participated in many competitions conducted by IERDA, TERI, CPRI etc.  

 We also have an office in Pune controlled by a well experienced Engineer , operating from  No.147, Sriram Society, Chandan Nagar, Nagar Road, Pune- 400014.The purpose of mentioning about it is that both the offices are working in close coordination and due to present Electronic communication, distance is not at all a problem and working is as good as working from the same place.This results in better efficiency and cost savings which in turn benefits the end user client 

We are also registered with Manta Corporation of U.S.who brings various Companies together, having common field of interest ( MEP in our case )and interact globally, especially Cos. in USA, Australia, Canada, U.K. etc.


OUR MISSION: To provide the “ BEST IN MEP SERVICES “ to all our clients and to the Society at large.